How to appeal to a health conscious customer

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Whether you provide your customers food in house, to take away, or both, there is no denying that people are becoming more and more health conscious when it comes to what they eat.

With the rise of vegan culture and clean eating, how do you appeal to your current customer base while also reaching out to entice the more health conscious that may steer clear of traditional pizzerias?

By adding two or three new, exciting, healthy options to your menu, you instantly widen your appeal to those looking to eat pizza without the guilt that comes with your traditional Pepperoni.

Let’s start with the base. While pizza’s reputation for being a high-fat food is not because of the base, an alternative base option does cause instant attraction because it is so different. Other ingredients to consider as a base to attract health conscious customers would be to look at using a cauliflower or whole-wheat dough. While cauliflower may not be the most efficient to factor into your cooking schedules, a whole-wheat base provides fibres and nutrients not offered by a standard pizza base.

The traditional perception of a ‘clean eater’ would suggest less is more when it comes to food, but this is definitely not the case in today’s world.

There are hundreds of variations of toppings you could consider to attract a totally new customer segment.

Here are 5 handy hints to consider for your pizza topping strategy:

• Swap out high fat cheese for mozzarella, goat’s cheese, or feta
• Think vegetables: peppers, courgette, cherry tomatoes, all give great flavour as well as added nutrients
• Add spinach leaves to add flavour, and a dose of iron
• Swap tomato sauce for blended walnuts, onion and fresh tomatoes
• Add a last minute layer of parmesan to give that extra cheesy taste

The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating variations of low-fat, nutrient rich pizzas. Health conscious eaters are becoming a massive market in the UK, and across the world, so it is definitely a food trend worth considering when looking at your menus and planning for the near future.