Care / Use Instructions

Hard Coat Anodised Aluminium

Do I need to pre-season my cookware, bakeware, pizza pans or disks before I use them?

No, just wipe on a film of Canola or Ground Nut oil (tasteless) before your first use; that’s it! Dough recipes vary in stickiness; some need more oil to keep from sticking. Experiment with your coated pans and disks. Start by using no release aid at all. If sticking occurs, apply a coating of oil until the desired results are obtained. Due to the wide variety of doughs that exist within the pizza/bakery industry, we can’t guarantee your coated pans or disks won’t need some oiling between bakes. For those who use no oiling at first due to good release, we cannot guarantee the number of baking and washing cycles the coating will provide before some oiling may be necessary.

Is it dishwasher safe?

No.  We advise that these products are NOT used in any type of dishwasher.

Detergents that contain Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) are NOT suitable as this is the same solution that is used in the anodising industry to strip off anodic coatings.  Therefore the latter will eventually remove the coating.

How do I wash the equipment?

With liquid dish soap, then towel or air dry. Wash periodically to prevent difficult to remove build up.

What if something sticks to the equipment?

If food sticks to your coated pans or disks, first soak in hot water with a mild detergent and rub with an all-plastic, non-abrasive type scrubber. Scotchbrite® or green flat scouring pads are recommended. Scraping with the flat end of a metal spatula is okay; the pans are metal utensil safe. A baking soda and water paste, or dry salt with a dry towel are other ways to scrub off residue. Oil the pan prior to the next bake.

Why are there marks on my pans/disks?

AP products are for commercial use where appearance is secondary to performance. You’ll see intentional marks in the finish of the pan from our coating process, usually on the rim, outside bottom corners, or if a disk one of the holes. These are not chips or scratches and the pan will not flake or peel at these points. We do not polish or remove mill marks in the metal we make our products from as it doesn’t improve the bake, but does add cost.

“Black Iron” / Carbon Steel – Seasoning Instructions

Pizza Pan seasoning instructions

“Black Iron” pizza pans should be seasoned before use. To season: wash in warm, soapy water and quickly dry. Wipe a small amount of cooking oil on all surfaces and bake until the oil has burnt on to the pan. Wipe all excess oil from the pan. “Black Iron” pizza pans may need periodic re-seasoning. “Black Iron” will darken with repeated use. Never soak “Black Iron” in water.

Cookware seasoning instructions

Black Iron” cookware should be seasoned prior to use; this is best done by gently heating about 1cm of oil in the base of the pan. After heating the oil, allow it to cool before disposing of the oil, then wipe the pan with kitchen paper. This seasoning starts the beginning of a naturally forming “patina” on the surface.

Silver Anodised Aluminium – SilverSeal

We use a variety of materials for our bakeware, though the majority are based on a core of Aluminum Alloy.

Aluminium alloy is an extremely efficient heat conductor, resulting in even heat distribution during baking and reduced cooking times. It is the preferred choice of the vast majority of professional chefs.

Aluminium and Anodising:

Anodising effectively seals-in the aluminium, in much the same way as a non-stick coating does and gives bakeware easy-release, easy-clean properties.

Anodised Bakeware:

During processing the molecules of aluminium in the surface layer change their structure to form an “anodic oxide film”, hence the name “anodised aluminium”. This change is permanent. The surface can never blister or peel – even under the most adverse conditions. Anodised aluminium will never rust.

Anodising effectively seals-in the aluminium, in much the same way as a non-stick coating does and gives bakeware easy-release, easy-clean properties.

The anodised surface is characterised by a silver, smooth, easy-release, easy clean finish and the aluminium core is effectively “sealed in”.

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