Why you should be cooking with carbon steel

Deep Dish Black Iron Pizza Pans

Carbon steel (also known as Black Iron) pots and pans are the perfect solution for anyone needing cookware that is inexpensive, easy to maintain, caters to all their needs, and when cared for properly, it literally lasts forever.

Carbon steel pots and pans are made just as they were thousands (yes, thousands) of years ago, with molten iron alloy being poured into a mould and released when cooled. Modern pans, such as those produced here at Alphin, generally have a rougher surface than those of yesteryear to allow better pre-seasoning. Although, carbon steel has not always been the popular cookware it is today. During the 1960’s, black iron saw a severe decline in production with the introduction of Teflon-coated and aluminium cookware dominating the market in place of ‘old fashioned’ carbon steel cookware.

But, with time, professional cooks and home cooks alike became wary of the health risks of these synthetic cookware options that had boomed in the late 60’s. Carbon steel was back in; naturally non-stick and guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

The natural non-stick, durable qualities of carbon steel cookware mean you can cook anything and everything, especially pizza and baked breads as the heat is held in black iron extremely well.

In fact, cooking with carbon steel is pretty much always a dream!

Black iron cookware is often compared with cast iron pots and pans. In fact, the two are very similar with the list of benefits below also applicable to cast iron cookware. However, contrary to the name, carbon steel contains more iron and less carbon than cast iron making it the lighter but stronger choice.

• The thickness of black iron cookware means your food isn’t going to burn, even on a high heat, and food cooks evenly.
• Carbon steel comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning you can: broil, sauté, roast, shallow fry, or grill.
• The natural quality of carbon steel means your food gets a naturally added iron boost, which is a key nutrient to maintain energy levels and strengthen the immune system.

Carbon steel cookware is an absolute joy to work with, and we couldn’t be prouder to supply some of the leading food and catering companies in the country with the power to provide beautiful food for their customers by cooking with our carbon steel products.