Tin Plate

Tin Plate pans are the original type for deep pan style pizza pans.  These are lighter in weight than the black irons pans and have a thin coating of tin on the pan.  This is important as it creates a barrier between the dough and the steel the pan is made from.  If normal black iron pans are not seasoned properly a reaction on the dough can take place creating what looks like mould.  With these tin plate pans this reaction cannot take place as the tin coating on the pan prevents this from happening.  They are suitable for both conveyor and deck ovens.  They are also available in base diameters of 7" to 14".
Product Description
Product No.
Tapered pan w/rim 7 x 1.5" TP TPPR0715T £2.65
Tapered pan w/rim 9 x 1.5" TP TPPR0915T £3.55
Tapered pan w/rim 10 x 1.5" TP TPPR1015T £4.10
Tapered pan w/rim 12 x 1.5" TP TPPR1215T £5.33
Tapered pan w/rim 14 x 1.5" TP TPPR1415T £6.61
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