Pudding Moulds


No cook should be without a pudding mould, they are ideal for all kinds of desserts including creme caramel and sticky toffee pudding.  Being silver anodised they have a easy release, easy clean smooth surface.  Available in sizes of 3" to 8".

Product Description
Product No.
Pudding basin, 3" (76 x 40mm), Silver Anodised 100003SA £2.67
Pudding basin, 3.5" (90 x 64mm), silver anodised 100005SA £3.08
Pudding basin, 4" (100 x 52mm), Silver Anodised 100006SA £3.25
Pudding basin, 5" (125 x 66mm), silver anodised 100007SA £3.55
Pudding basin, 6" (150 x 80mm), silver anodised 100008SA £3.78
Pudding basin, 7" (178 x 83mm), silver anodised 100009SA £4.80
Pudding basin, 8" (200 x 95mm), silver anodised 100010SA £5.76
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