Pizza Trays

Pizza trays are a very common product in the U.S. with most larger pizzas being served on these.  Pizzas can be cut on the tray and then served to the table.  Pizza's can also be cooked on these types of trays, however the trays may warp over a period of time.  Sizes are available in diameters of  9" to 18".
Product Description
Product No.
Pizza Tray 9" ali PT09A £3.48
Pizza Tray 10" ali PT10A £3.84
Pizza Tray 11" ali PT11A £4.08
Pizza Tray 12" ali PT12A £3.76
Pizza Tray 13" ali PT13A £4.16
Pizza Tray 14" ali PT14A £4.72
Pizza Tray 15" ali PT15A £6.20
Pizza Tray 16" ali PT16A £6.24
Pizza Tray 17" ali PT17A £7.00
Pizza Tray 18 PT18A £6.56
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