Pizza Pan Covers


Pizza pan covers are used when dough is being proven in the pizza pan.  The cover helps to keep air from getting to the dough and therefore assists it to rise.  The covers differ from separator disks as it fits over the rim of the pan, here is then a recess so that the pan that is stacked on top will not slide off when the stack is being moved or carried.  Pizza pan covers should always be the same size as the base of the pizza pan being used.

Product Description
Product No.
Cover for 6" pan COV06A £2.72
Cover for 7" pan COV07A £3.20
Cover for 8" pan COV08A £3.68
Cover for 9" pan COV09A £4.00
Cover for 10" pan COV10A £4.45
Cover for 11" pan COV11A £5.12
Cover for 12" pan COV12A £5.08
Cover for 13" pan COV13A £6.00
Cover for 14" pan COV14A £6.68
Cover for 15" pan COV15A £8.80
Cover for 16" pan COV16A £9.32
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