Hard Anodised Aluminium


The Hard Coat Anodise is a process which is only applied to aluminium pans.  This hardens the surface of the aluminium and makes the underlying pan more durable.  A natural result  of this process is the change in colour of the aluminium from silver to a deep, dark grey.  The advantage of hard coat anodised pans is that due to their dark colouration they absorb the heat very well and produce a very even bake.  They are excellent for proofing dough and available in base diameters of 7" to 14".

Product Description
Product No.
Tapered pan w/rim 7 x 1.5" Anodised TPPR0715HAAN £9.26
Tapered pan w/rim 8 x 1.5" anodised TPPR0815HAAN £9.28
Tapered pan w/rim 9 x 1.5" anodised TPPR0915HAAN £9.65
Tapered pan w/rim 10 x 1.5" anodised TPPR1015HAAN £12.01
Tapered pan w/rim 11 x 1.5" Anodised TPPR1115HAAN £12.03
Tapered pan w/rim 12 x 1.5" anodised TPPR1215HAAN £12.68
Tapered pan w/rim 14 x 1.5" anodised TPPR1415HAAN £20.02
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